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Trippy Heritage

Heritage is defined as "a history, a set of traditions within a society or a community."

As a rave-inspired streetwear brand, I find most of my inspiration for products, art, and branding from the rave community. The rave community is a whole other world on its own full of the most accepting, loving, and caring people you might ever meet. The culture (the heritage, if you will) represents an escape from people's struggles and insecurities and they can freely be themselves. Our mission is to support this freedom and unification of people through art and fashion.

The Connections

Connections can be made anywhere, and I find that I have made the most connections in the rave scene which is what inspired me to start the brand. It started with my love for EDM and now I find myself feeling at home when I'm at a music festival surrounded by thousands of people I've yet to meet!

The Community

Despite the fact everyone is a stranger to me coming from their own homes with their own journey in life, the community is full of love, diversity, and respect for others. The acceptance of all people from all walks of life is what allows people to feel like they can be themselves. Within this environment, relationships, memories, and connections are made that will last a lifetime.

The Goal

Although my vision starts with the rave community and building a brand that supports peace, love, unity, and respect through rave-inspired streetwear, I aim to accomplish so much more! The quest continues with bringing awareness and support to larger issues such as fast fashion and drug overdoses. With consistency and dedication, we can create a platform that allows ravers to celebrate the festivities for lifetimes to come.

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