10 Shocking Facts and Stats About Fast Fashion

10 Shocking Facts and Stats About Fast Fashion

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"Fast fashion is defined as the “approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers.”

While the traditional fashion industry has revolved around 2-4 seasons a year, fast fashion has introduced “micro seasons,” in which they release new clothing every single week, creating 52 micro seasons. With the rise of ultra-fast fashion brands like SHEIN or ASOS, new clothing is released daily."

When I do research, I'll come across a lot of interesting blogs, articles, and videos; overall really great content from creators! It's where all my information comes from after all.

I thought today I would do something different and show some love to an awesome blog I discovered a few days ago: Sustainably Kind Living. Danielle is the creator of this wonderful little website and she shares all kinds of well-researched information such as articles and guides on how to live a sustainable and healthy life.

I discovered her blog when I was looking into fast fashion specifically. I originally wanted to simply share the article and credit it to her, but that doesn't do her any justice. So instead, I'm going to link you to her website!

Check out these crazy facts in Danielle's article here.



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